The middle of the three nations that share a border with Bandor.

Although the whole region is a rocky and mountainous tundra, the landscape at the border rears up and is dominated by a strange rock formation known as The Staircase, standing head and shoulders above the otherwise massive peaks that form a natural divide between Bandor and Majentur.

The Ice Road has connected the two nations since time immemorial. This long and lonely journey has only one safe haven – the mining town of Trisum, located in the middle of a titanic glacial valley, where the land appears to have been scooped and smoothed by elemental powers incomprehensible from the human scale.

The Majentureen are a tough and independent people and could not be swayed by Venobian diplomacy, instead falling to the combined might of the Compact’s Glorious Legion. However, in the century since the conquest many have grown complacent. Little changes for the smallfolk when a nation joins the Compact and it lessens the sting of defeat to respect your conqueror. Others say the Majentureen delude themselves out of fear, and that the Compact brings little benefit to those furthest from the Center.


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